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Lots of insight to be gained around homework as a formative assessment

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Good Afternoon,

We sent out an on line survey to collect feedback from the 11th Annual ESOL Conference. We wanted to take the time to share some of this information with you and let you know how much we appreciate your participation. Thanks to your engaging presentation, attendees overwhelmingly said they would attend again next year and recommend the ESOL Conference to other colleagues. Here are some of the comments from the survey.

“I found the Phun Homework to be the best presentation that I attended because it gave me concrete ideas that I could use right away.”

“All the presentations that I attended were very useful. The information provided can not only be used to assist ESOL students as well as others.”

“This year I found almost every presentation I went to quite useful. (What a wonderful day of learning!) I’m already sharing strategies with classroom teachers.”
-Conference Coordinator

Thank you for conducting a great presentation for the teachers at New Manchester Elementary School. The information presented encouraged my teachers to think about their current homework practices and engage in discussion about what they really hoped to accomplish by giving homework. All teachers would like to learn more about the PHUN homework concept.
-Dr. Washington

We enjoyed having you so much!

Thank you soooooo much for all of your support!!!! I am happy to say; that since your training, ALL of my (only 7 he… hee…) students have differentiated homework, centers, and sort activites. I have 3 groups and they are running very smoothly to my surprise! Thank you so much. It only took a few days, but the kids are rockin’ n rollin’ in their new centers. They are passing their test and learning so many new words. PHUN Homework so rocks!!!! Can’t wait to purchase the book ;’}